Georges Fikry Ibrahim

room drawings

George fikry is an example of an honest artist and honesty in art is an addition to the self in the process of work we see work that is true to his creator not copied from someone else’s creation Addition on to the sell is not enough proof for this honesty it will always be necessary for the creative artist to have his own personal sell parallel to his work of art this is the final proof worth contemplating, and George proof worth contemplating, and George Fikry puts in his painting this pure self field with honesty.
George Fikry has moved on from quantity to quality, from spreading to briefing, them he moved future from the personal figure that he spots from above in a birds view to a diffusion between the two ends.So we view him as a part of on old wall, borrowing the humidity of the color, world filled with fog. And full of depth the experience he gained in his last for himself the authority of selection, the pleasure of the creative artist
President of the Egyptian Section the international Association of Art (AICA) [Ahmed Foud Selem]



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