Workshop from the Earth Heart Eye Soul to the wall

Workshop Concept:
Motivated by the open invitation extended to all artists and visual arts scholars to offer art works and ideas presented through experimental and theoretical expression approaches. The art work and dialogue; forming the new artistic visions and its communication to performance mechanisms, application and implementation steer the workshop.
Basic approaches are proposed for constructing the conceptual, application and implementation structure of the workshop’s creative experience. This is performed by laying down a theoretical module and a concept for the workshop preliminary inputs; founding on organized steps for analyzing the artistic symbols, forms and elements, and transferring the metaphoric notions into their physical, tangible visual equivalent. This tangible visual correspondent has to conform with the ideas and theoretical visions selected by the participant.
Participants shall enjoy unlimited freedom in constructing their personal individualized vision. Interaction with the participant is then introduced to transfer these metaphoric and conceptual ideas into tangible forms; following the analysis and concepts brainstorming. Theoretical inputs of the workshop idea are organized through exploring previous experiences. Each participant aims at highlighting his/her creative and artistic perceptions via the procedural, comparative and performance processes staged prior to the construction and mantling process. Forms, symbols and elements structural relationships construed by the participant arise from the interactive forum and workshop participation. These may contribute to the creation of numerous art productions motivated by the cultural, philosophical and creative dialogues practiced as one of the workshop’s main functions.
Participants direct experiences, practical applications and procedural contributions are forged through projecting experimental solutions for the various performance techniques and mechanisms. Such activities motivate the creative process as well as conceptual capacities.
 Exploring the workshop ideas by employing modernized performance mechanisms of interactive visual arts multi media.
 Participants’ total freedom to introduce their inputs, ideas and subjects
 Instigating young artists’ dialogue targeted to develop structural artistic ideas and trends for the scenery.
 Motivating the participating scholars and artists through discussions and proposed theoretical and implementation ideas.
 Participating artists’ free interaction of expression and in proposing numerous artistic pivots and approaches.
 The workshop allows presenting the participants individual styles while activating the academic experience through actual practice and implementation.
 Inviting all visual arts scholars and artists to participate in the workshop conducted in parallel to George Fikry Art Gallery – Al-Falaki – AUC.
 Sunday and Tuesdays of each week are dedicated for workshop functions.
Ideas, drawings and implementation mechanisms are prepared through the presentation of the participants work at the end of workshop.
Total freedom on selecting the various media of expression as well as artistic visions and subjects.



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